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GPS NE Pro (Schwinn 810 GPS Watch)

This is the software included with the Schwinn 810 GPS watch, which is also rebranded as a RedClover or a Mio Quest. I couldn't find the software online so I host it here in case you need it.


Hi Tim - Great blog!...can you do me a favor and take the battery our of the Schwinn heart rate monitor and tell me what size it is? I took mine out, lost it and can't find anywhere what size battery it takes to get a new one.

My blog is:

Thanks! Mike

CR2032. Same size as many other cheap heart rate monitors (probably the same strap as other cheap heart rate monitors too). I actually mentioned replacing the battery in my amazon review of the watch -the one it came with leaked and only worked for like a week.

Event Results

Strides for Justice 5k 2014

Event Date: 
2014/09/27 - 8:00am
Finish Time: 

Morton Pumpkin Classic 10K 2014

Event Date: 
2014/09/13 - 7:30am
Finish Time: 

Peoria Zoo Run Run 5k 2014

Event Date: 
2014/08/30 - 8:30am
Finish Time: 

Robert's Run for Dyslexia 5k 2014

Event Date: 
2014/08/17 - 8:00am
Finish Time: 

2nd Annual 5k Duck Dash and Waddle 2014

Event Date: 
2014/08/09 - 8:00am
Finish Time: 

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